Suddenly, with little clamor in the press, rumor has it that an additional name has been added on Biden’s SCOTUS short list.

While the world is focused on the Super Bowl, The Genocide Olympics, Russian’s on the border of Ukraine, Covid 19 winding down and  the new cat adopted into the White House, this new name has been silently slipped into the mix while the world looks the other way.

Who is this new name, this new judge to possibly to be added to the Supreme Court?

His name is the Right Honorable Rasputin ‘Razzy’ Chicken. He is the main character in the afternoon Court room T.V. real life show on the CW networks called, “Assumed Guilty”. It’s a judge show like Judge Judy or The People’s Court.

Some have asked why Razzy would be considered for Biden’s pick to replace Justice Stephen G. Breyer?

A person whom wished to remain anonymous outlined the choice by saying, “He checks many of the boxes. While he is not a woman or black, he is rather dark complected and does represent an even more harmed group of the population. Those of a feathered nature. He seems highly qualified, other than his sex and the ‘equity thing’ but he’s right in our pocket for all the big decisions that they will handle.”



Enter the Chicken