So many thoughts could be used to answer that question.
Some would say that he is a self-aggrandized person with a personality disorder hiding behind some dis associative mask of a second personality (I got that from a Criminal Minds Episode), while others believe he offers rational, connective thought to a Chaotic world (an old CSI episode).

He might be something in between. But in any case he is here.

What does he do, you my ask?

It has been said that Chainsaw is the quintessential creator of revisionist history. He tells it like it should be, not the way others ‘spin it’ or ‘sugar coat it’.

Chainsaw has been offered positions on many political teams in either party to get the right flavor and tone to a situation. He is like a chef in the kitchen of history preparing dishes of information with what’s on hand rather than what the recipe calls for.

Speaking of revisionist history (were we?), There are none better. Just as ‘Common Core’ is to math, Chainsaw Chicken is to his great past interweaving through relatives that were actually there.

Many accounts are counter to popular beliefs or teachings. but the important thing to remember is that this is the TRUTH, as he remembers it. If a politician were to do as much, you would get “I don’t recall” or “Let’s circle back on that”.

So, prepare yourself to have a reality-check and appreciate the openness that Chainsaw uses to keep those important facts alive and not forgotten as you cruise through his journal of life.


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The Adventures of Chainsaw Chicken has completed six years of its insightful online publication. The site has become the perfect collection of humor, sarcasm and satire over the years.

The aspect of satire, humor and sarcasm mixes into a perfect combination with Chainsaw Chicken. It is a fact that the satire, humor and sarcasm gives birth to that kind of irreplaceable ridicule that can hardly be alternated with any other artistic expressions however, Chainsaw Chicken has done just that. The online blogging site uses unique ideas of humor about different historic topics and current incidents. Chainsaw has now reached its six-year anniversary. The Adventures of Chainsaw Chicken has caught everyone’s eye and follows now know what “what Chainsaw, his relatives and friends have done in the passages of history and current news-related stories”.

Different ideas and topics are chosen in the process of creating the satires. Be it politics or films, current events or sports, Covid or government, social issues or jobs, Chainsaw chicken has his presence everywhere, creating such awareness that brings out the truth of things. Endless topics are covered in these six years, giving so much pleasure and generating so much entertainment to the readers that they always come back for more.

At times with slightly dark tones, coupled with subtlety and nuance along with self-effacing, mocking flavor, it has a very funny take on different situations. In the passage of history, Chainsaw Chicken happens to be a perfect chef with all the spices needed for the hungry readers. No sugar coating, Chainsaw Chicken recounts situations as as he saw them. It is this perspective that offers the delight of reading to the online enthusiasts.

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