They are after me! They are using any method they can to get me. Just like the Attorney General of New York has been quoted to say, “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime!”

This “Stool Pigeon” just kept spewing all kinds of indictments about me!

I’ve heard he said things like;

“He’s a dead beat dad”

“He uses the ‘N’ word, as in knotty!”

“He brags that he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried! And he wears his watch!”

“He was at the Capitol on January 5th and 7th! You do the math!”

“He doesn’t have a low flow toilet and flushes it whenever he wants!”

“He swallows his chewing gum!”

“He eats samples from the bulk food bins!”

“He only tips 12%, not 15 like everyone else!”

“He didn’t vote for Biden!!!”

My response to this was that I was going to hire F. Lee Bailey to fight these bastards, but he died…