I’m reminded of the time I was at a country dance bar with Mrs. Chicken’s niece.

We were dancing it up for hours and drinking the suds to keep cool and hydrated. Now, I know what you are thinking but it is all ‘platonic’… really. We had one room but we each had a separate side of the bed and there were two sheets… Anyway, back to the bar…

After all that beer drinking, it’s true what they say… “You only rent it”. So,I was heading to the mens room after every song. It was your typical cowboy urinal. A long enameled trough filled with ice cubes. I stood there, leaning with one arm up on the wall for balance.

Suddenly, I heard a voice say, “Hey there buddy, you’re splashing against the wall, aim for the ice!”

I turn to look, one eye closed, and look who it was correcting my aim! Jeff Bridges!

I retracted, stood on one leg and jumped in the air some to give things a shake, secured my tackle and then extended my hand to Jeff. “Howdy, there pard! How’s it hangin’?” I asked.

While Jeff was still engaged, he multi tasked and switched hands, then shook mine. ” I’ve heard of you, he said keenly. “I read your site almost everyday… Can’t say I like ’em all but I still enjoy the visit mostly”.

He finally released his hand from mine and then gathered his possessions.

“Would you like to have a beer with me and my girlfriend…ahhhh, niece?” I asked.

“Well HELL yes if you’re buying.” Jeff said. With that, we walked right past the sinks and went right for the bar where we had been leaning with beer bottled stacked all around.

The rest of the evening was filled with more beer, a few shots, dancing and finally this picture taken by my girlfriend… ahhhh, niece,  to commemorate the meeting.

After that, Jeff never answered my calls, I kept getting some dry cleaners place of business. He just ghosted me.


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