Sacrifice eventI found this photo in the back room at the community hall where I sometimes visit. There it was. It was all framed and hanging on the wall but obscured behind a bookshelf..

I took it down and went to the Grand Poobah to find out what it was from.

“Your Majesty, Chainsaw requests a moment of enlightenment” stated the aid to Josiah Bloompuppy Moorehead, Grand Poobah of Lodge 17.

“Alright, allow him in” he uttered. “What is it you need, Chainsaw?”

Chainsaw raised the photo and asked with ceremonial language, “Oh Grand Illustrious Poobah, Where for art the reasons …. ahhh , I mean, I beseech thee to … oh crap! What’s goin’ on in this picture?”

Poobah Moorehead motioned Chainsaw closer to him as he glanced at the old photo. “Oh, that’s a photo from our lodges early years where we opened all executive meeting with a sacrifice of a chicken. Each of the executive council would make a small but lethal cut on the animal, then once the animal has shed it’s mortal coil, they would cook it in the boiling caldron and then share the meat among each other”.

Chainsaw continued his inquiry, “Is that why the caldron is set up again?”

The Poobah began to fix his gaze more intensely on Chainsaw, and slowly began to answer, “Yes, we are beginning to return to our old ways”… his look seemed to focus on Chainsaw’s beak and feathers, pausing and licking his lips, then continuing, “We are having another meeting tonight. We… would….hmmmm, like to have to for the executive dinner”.

“Oh great!” answered Chainsaw, about 6:00?”

“Yes… 6 pm, freshly showered, okay?”



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