It is time for us to do what we have been doing... and that time is everyday.

The Zen Master’s words “It is time for us to do what we have been doing… and that time is everyday.” ring more true than ever with the state of the world.

These words were profound when they were first chanted by Zen Master ‘Woo Cluck Chicken’ from his peaceful gardens in Compton, California.

What is a zen master? It is someone who teaches Buddhist meditation and practices, usually implying longtime study and subsequent authorization to teach and transmit the tradition themselves.

These magnificent words are so obvious and tranquil that they were expressed by Vice President Camel La Harris. The world stood in wonder from her statement. Astounded by the clarity and zen-like truth of the words.

“It’s like a meta-physical dog chasing it’s cosmic tail” commented the Zen Master ‘Woo Cluck Chicken’ . “I have stated this publicly many times. It has appeared on the items in our Zen online store and it was the title of my first best selling book. I’m sure that given a chance, the Vice President would have extended the credit of the statement was from my works.”

He continued “The universe must have said it first. At least in all of our conscience minds from time to time. Besides, I own nothing other than these sandals and this worn robe. I can not, therefore, claim to own the idea or the spoken comments.” He turned and resumed raking his garden around his stack of flat stones.




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