A cup of Kopi LuwakHave you heard of Kopi Luwak coffee?

Sure you have. It’s the coffee beans that originated in a coffee berry that monkeys and critters eat, then they poop in out. The beans are harvested from their excrement, washed and sold for as much as $1600 a pound.

Well, Chainsaw Chicken saw an opportunity just waiting to be scooped up. “I have been eating about 5 pounds of raw coffee beans every day, allowing them to do the proper fermentation, then collecting the ‘output’ into a galvanized 5 gallon bucket. Followed by giving them a quick ‘bird bath” wash, not too long to remove too much flavor and drying them with Mrs. Chicken’s electric blanket. Funny, you eat 5 pounds of beans but I get about 10 pounds of yield”

He add, “They are picked and packaged at the peak of freshness”.

I am working on a deal with Starbucks and Amazon for sales and distribution since I am a minority and can claim native status. I am also using the name of Mrs. Chicken so I can take advantage of the appearance of a women owned business, as well.

So ask for it by name, “Mrs. Chicken’s Chick Kopi Luwak


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