What’s Coming Down“Look up to see what’s coming down”. A famous expression put to music by Carlos Santana in 1972.

Nearly 50 years later, let’s ask the same question. “What’s coming down?”

Gasoline? No…

Taxes?  Oh no…

Food?  Cost of Living?  Home values? Car prices? UFO sightings?

Hahahaha.. You’re kidding, right?

Okay, Okay… Look, It’s like this, I mean, C’mon man. I’m not kidding.

Maybe we need to look at what IS coming down.

Beyond the political points that are more than obvious, how about expectations? Life expectancy? Birth rate? Education and skills? The dollar? Religious attendance?  Oh, and Corn Pop, he went down, big time we hear.

By the looks of the picture above, even I.Q’s are dropping. Exemplified by these people standing under an overhead chicken! What leaks out is one more thing that will be coming down.



Joe wants to be a 1%er