Changing, Mrs. Chicken?Things are really changing around our coop. Mrs. Chicken has me alarmed.

First she goes out and gets new hair-do. Then, she joins a Pilates class. Now, by themselves, these are fine and I welcome her desires to improve herself, although I always felt she was perfect just the way she was.

Yet, more things keep changing.

She goes to a beauty salon and comes home with all her tail feathers completely waxed off. ALL OF THEM. She calls it a “Telly Savalas”.

She started wearing these skin-tight thin stretch pants. So thin and so tight I can see the new tattoo she placed on her butt cheek. Yes, that tattoo is another thing.

Then, she came home with those implants to make her rear-end more round and full.

And she’s constantly singing to Cardi B songs about her “parts”

I’m really worried.

I’ve talked to the people who often see her when I am not around. I ask if they have seen these changes.

My neighbor, Tom Chicken, said “I’ve seen nothing at all. Nothing new or different. I don’t have any idea of what you are talking about. I have not seen her for weeks. I have to get back to work”.

The UPS driver and the Amazon delivery guy said the same exact thing. Word for word.




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