Plans for Biden LibraryThe final plans for the Biden Presidential Library were selected today. The winner of the contract went to the Nation-wide Architectural firm of ‘Oliver, William and Murphy’, headquartered in Talahoochie, Delaware.

“We have a few obstacles to overcome”, outlined the firms President, Mr. Oliver. “First, is with the lack of availability to obtain the needed plywood and 2 by 4’s with the shortage of available goods.

“Next, we have selected a poultry farm in Delaware to construct the library, however, the turkey’s are not willing to honor our deadline of the 31st of the month. That’s why we have joined forces with Blackwater Private Securities to add an physical force to what we need.

“We continue to try to negotiate with the turkey’s through a 3rd party from the neighboring farm but there is no assurances they will abide by any tentative agreement.

“Lastly, we have been emailing and calling any remaining chickens that wish to be removed from the location wanting to be saved from being under control of the Turkey’s. We instruct them to simply go to a web page and sign up to be saved but our Go-daddy WordPress site has been having trouble staying viable to many viewers.

“However, we will gather any chickens that do wish to be saved before eradicating all the Turkey’s to gain a foothold to build this library. No chicken’s will be left behind”




Turkey Round Up