Spies Like UsWith the fall of Afghanistan and the debacle of  Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Chainsaw Chicken has been reactivated and sent in as a deep undercover spy.

His mission? To get in tight with the leadership of the Taliban network to be the eyes and ears of the ‘over the horizon‘ capabilities the Washington bureaucrats keep talking about.

He has over one hour and 35 mins of training in Pashto and Dari languages and another 25 mins in customs and mannerisms. He is set.

“As a GSG 12, I’m obligation to go wherever I am sent and to complete my task”, Chainsaw wrote in his personal journal. “I need to just remember my trade-craft, relax, keep my wits about me, and not loose my head.”

Shouting in Pashto as Chainsaw exited the the gates of Hamid Karzai International Airport, مرګ په بد شیطان (translation from Pashto to English, ‘Death to the evil Satan’). The other Taliban fights raised their new American weapons and cheered.

“My brothers…” Chainsaw continued in Pashto, “Tell me how to get to the head  Talywacker… ahhh,  I mean Taliban headquarters. I have news for the leaders!”

After this recorded exchange, there have been no followup reports or sightings of Chainsaw.



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