Ghani hides in our home“A warm welcome to you Mr. Ghani”,  Mrs. Chicken said to the ex-president of Afghanistan as he exited his limo.

“Salam alaikum” Chainsaw  proclaimed, sweeping his palm to his chest and bowing some.

Ghani swooped past Chainsaw, checking over his shoulder left and right. He asks, “Any press around here? I have been trying to avoid those arses”.

“None that we’ve seem” assured Chainsaw. He continued, “Mr.President? Is there a problem?”

“Can it, Chainsaw. Don’t call me Mr. President. My new name is Abdul! Here, take these robes and this foolish hat and burn them” said the ex-prez.

“Oh, … okay ‘Abdul’. May I keep your hat? I really like it”, said Chainsaw. He positioned it on his head.

“What? My Pakol? Keep it. I spent $20 for it on Amazon. I give it to you, my friend. Think of it as payment for me staying with you for several weeks until I am discovered. need to unload a few things that would ot fit in my limo trunk. If it is agreeable with you,I will have the U-Haul back up to your garage to drop of my multiple boxes of loot…I mean… antiques.”

He added, “where is Mrs. Chicken? I brought her a nice bellybutton jewel she can have. I need to se if it fits”.



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