Machu Picchu Lawn ServiceIsn’t Machu Picchu beautiful? The stone and grass make such a pleasing image.

But you might be asking, “Grass? At 8,000 feet above sea-level? How curious. That must take a real professional yard service to keep it all looking so neat and trimmed with such color”.

Let me introduce to you how these patches of grass look so well kept and groomed.

Enrique Chicken has obtained the exclusive contract of lawn care and yard maintenance with the Department of Cultural Discoveries in the Government of Peru for this specific area called Machu Picchu.

Each week he shows up and mows the numerous plateaus and flat lands. Then, he does the weeding and trimming with his weed-eater. Finally, giving a boost with fertilizer (not what you are thinking with your mind in the gutter).

To sweeten the look, he breaks out his leaf blower to clean off the steps.

“I”m just glad I don’t have to use a grass catcher when I mow” sighed Enrique as he began to drag the mover up the steps for the next plateau. “Hey, can you grab that can of gas and carry it to the next level?”



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