Darth Chicken has returned to the Oval Office to make some adjustments and fine tuning.

“Just a small adjustment with this tiny dial… THERE! Now! That should shorten the lag time between questions and answers…

Okay, now for the sleepiness during the day. I am turning up the alertness throttle stop. Almost there… ahhhh…DONE!

Now…I have to do something about the loss of name memories. I will open up the input microphone. Okay… test— One, two, three… okay, the meter is moving. HE IS NOT THE GENERAL, HIS NAME IS SECRETARY OF DEFENSE LLOYD AUSTIN. Hope that worked. There’s no playback with this unit.

Now, let’s deal with that damn tick you have every time you speak to the press. You are always scratching your nose or forehead when you lie. Let me get the soldering iron and jump across these two post. Ohhh what a smell!

Let’s take ‘Look’, and ‘C’mon man’ out of your vocabulary index”.



String Puller Identified