The Girls ShowersWith a noticeable tremble in his hands and his voice, Chainsaw swallowed hard and dabbed the sweat beads on his brow. “This….. is…. the…the… girls showers!” He paused, moving around, shifting his weight from one foot to another…. “This was sacred ground when I was in school. It was literally ‘no mans land’ to us guys.”

But I remembered that so many of the schools now have rules that the locker rooms are mixed genders. I ventured deeper into the locker room. You know what’s in a locker room? Showers!

Suddenly, a covey of females, clad only in towels came around the other entrance. I did not know what to do. I froze…

“Oh look girls, we have a visitor in the showers” said one of the girls. “What are you doing in here?”

I just stood there, stammering and stuttering… “ah…ah… I’m here because I felt I identified as a woman this morning when I woke up!”

“Oh???” the same girl replied. “How does it feel?”

Chainsaw had trouble thinking of anything to say, then he thought of the things his mother used to say. “I woke up all puffy and swollen and I feel real bitchy about my boyfriend! My hair just would not curl at all and I could not find a thing to wear! And then… AND THEN my monthly friend shows up”.

The girls stared at Chainsaw, turned, and walked away.



First COVID-19 Birth