Hair sniffing isn’t so bad

For the last several years we’ve all been hearing about certain executives that we see on the news each night being accused of hair sniffing young women.

I must admit, at first it did not sound appealing to me at all. Running around sniffing the hair of pre-teen and teens with some form of delight.

But the other day while I was standing in line to see the latest marvel movie about some Chinese guy, I notice this attractive late 20’s woman, unaccompanied, waiting like me. I saw her nice brown hair and a breeze wafted an attractive scent to me. I edged alittle closer to her, making sure not to actually make contact with her body yet still violating her personal space from behind.

I craned my neck toward her and soon had actual contact with her locks. I took a long deep breath, yet quietly, and the ambrosia of her hair lit me up. I soon nuzzled even deeper, slightly making contact with my beak on the back of her neck. But she didn’t flinch… Maybe something was happening with her too?

This was working so much better than the first woman I tried this with. Mistakenly, I started ‘motor boating’ on her neck and things broke down from there.

Can’t go back to that super market again.



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