A.O.C. Stole Her Idea!It was so embarrassing for Mrs. Chicken. She was really trying to make a very important point when she attended the Gala at the Met in New York.. This was s message to everyone by noticing her dress. Maybe even some press.

She wanted to let people know that vegetarians have other options rather than chickens, (our relatives), to enjoy for meat.

There’s pork, many different kinds of fish, shellfish and sea food, or gophers and turkey! How about everyone eat turkey! What would be the loss there? All you want. Even seconds and thirds! Chow down!.

But no. Her message was obscured by the congressional socialite Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

We have not figured out how she learned of our plan for Mrs. Chicken to wear a stark white dress with blood red writing saying ‘Eat Less Chicken’ but she did.

And what did A.O.C. decide to promote with her concept plagiarism? ‘Tax the rich”!

I’m sure the cutoff point for new taxes is just above what she makes from her $130k  as a junior congresswoman, adding in any book deals, speaking fees, advisory fees, per de um, tips, 401 k and so much more.



Kung Poo