Profound Biden Wisdom

In a recent interview of the First Family, Chainsaw Chicken engaged the Biden’s from one of their multiple vacations in their Delaware home.

As they responded to Chainsaw’s ‘softball’ questions, suddenly the world was given a lengthy explanation by the President that he believes could be the answer to many problems he sees in the Country and the New World Order, as well.

When the President was asked about the American’s remaining in Afghanistan after our departure, he simply responded with the following;

“Buy a man…,

Eat fish….,

The day…,

Teach man…,

To lifetime…”

DR. Jill ‘Kildare’ Biden simply clapped her hands together, closed her eyes to make a prayerful image and muttered “So right, Joe, So right. Well said”.

Chainsaw stared into the camera and was speechless.



Mrs. Chicken Sun Tans