Hoosecow AdmirersJust when I thought that I was totally being cancelled and marginalized along comes a hand made card. Is was from a group of gents spending some quiet time in the Gander Hill Prison at Wilmington, Delaware.

Wow! How uplifting. Seems there are a few prisons in this system that are allowed some internet viewing. So “hello” to you guys.

They told me in the letter accompanying the card that one of their ‘crew’ had ordered a printed copy of my first book from Amazon. It’s a collection of thoughts and posting from a few years ago.

They then started to have a reading session each week, obtaining a college credit in the mix, and it gave then something else to do other than make license plates.

I’m sending them a few boxes of the Chainsaw Chicken Peeps collection left over from last Easter. (Pssst! There’s a nail file in each package).