Chicken PricesI know that you have seen it. Everybody has. You go to the grocery store to get the items you want and many of them are simply not there.  When you go to the meat department you can really see the problem. If the meat is there it’s out of sight with the price. In the past when things would fluctuate with the disparity between beef and pork, you could always rely on chicken being available and at a somewhat resealable price. But now, there is like no chicken. And when there is, chicken prices are ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that chicken is in so much demand, I finally had to apply for, and receive, a concealed weapons permit to protect myself from other shoppers in the store. I would get people walk up to me and ask, “Are you a chicken? Is that what you are suppose to be?” they would keep looking me slowly up and down. I would sheepishly say…”Ahhh yes.. Yes I am”. Then they would say  something like “Are you free range? You know, then you must be cage free too!” And then, they’d utter something like “I would like to have you come to my house. I’d like to have you over for dinner”. Crap like that. I began to fear for my life. I had to get the box boy to carry my small order to car so I could feel safe having a store employee with me. Until he started talking about being hungry for some chicken wings or a chicken tacos … or nuggets. So once I was approved for the permit, I went out and got me a pistol. I felt better. Then I thought, “If one’s good, then two would be even better, and if two are better, then what’s wrong with even more?” So now I’m a packin’.   #EmptyShelvesBiden



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