Face book jail. Blackballed from Twitter. Banned from making comments on many big-time blogs and discussion sites. Shunned by media. Ignored by Hollywood. Castigated by friends and family. These are all elements of being cancelled by the woke folk!

The city paper took this picture of how the locals treat me when I venture out, even to just go to the store for groceries. I have to use the self-check out because none of the checkers will let me through their stands.

I usually just sit back and laugh. Usually doesn’t bother me. No way will I let it. But now, when my girlfriend and my wife start to do the same thing, I am thinking I might have to re-examine my life and more importantly, my thoughts and expressions. I need to go to my ‘quiet place’, crack open a cool one and sit back and think. Take the time and meaningful notice of what people think of me and what I say. What I choose to stand for.

Ok. I did it. I took the appropriate amount of time and really examined everything.

Conclusion? They are out of step. I am totally correct in my point of view and the way I believe things happen.

So, at this point, I ask that each and every one of you that want to cancel me, please take a sheet of paper, I mean the real good quality paper, the thick stuff. Write down all your issues about me. Then grab the lower right corner of the paper, give it several twists while holding the spool in your other hand making it spin up very tightly. Take this spindle of paper, coat it with butter or some other slipper substance and poke it [CONTENT BLOCKED BY YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER] until it is all the way in.




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