Ever notice how confusing and disconnected some political people can be in their speeches and press conferences? I tried and tried to really understand their statements. I would take the key sentence and diagram it on a white board so I could get the full meaning of what was being expressed. But alas, I just couldn’t get the true meaning from their ‘word salads’.

But then, one morning when I was having a bowl of ‘Barn Yard Flakes’ (I’m the official spokesman for this new cereal), a Secret Decoder Ring rolled into my bowl as I was emptying the box. It was the free prize giveaway.

I thought to myself, “Maybe this is the secret way to understand what was being said”!

I pushed to breakfast food away and broke out my crayola and started writing on Mrs. Chicken’s table cloth.

“Where do I start? How about the President’s commonly quoted phrase,  ‘You’re a dog faced pony soldier’, That’s great example”. I put the ring on and started twirling the dial. “Y would equal I, D is a C … I think this is gonna work!”

As I went threw the message, it made perfect sense. ‘You’re a dog faced pony soldier’ actually meant ‘I want an Ice Cream cone before you change me’.

WOW- I broke the code with my Secret Decoder Ring!!!

I’ll try another from Joe.

As my father used to say, Joey, a man just needs a break“…

I started spinning the dial, letting the letter transfer to other letters…. give me a moment…. okay, all done. This means ‘Look in the mirror, Joey. I think you are the President’.

So everyone, please run out and buy a box of ‘Barn Yard Flakes’ and retrieve your Secret Decoder Ring and get it ready for Biden’s ‘State of the Union‘ speech.



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