Rosco Chicken turned to his younger cousin Waldo Chickadee in order to synchronize the simultaneous launch of their science project. When both operators pushed their buttons, a flash of color filled the air. They later called this “The Pepto Bismol Blast” with it’s bright pink blast of energy.

Waldo and Rosco had made this discovery one day by connecting a high-speed blender to the video feed from a TV showing the History Channel as the kitchen microwave was operating with the door open. Its turntable covered with a sheet of heavy duty tin foil.

As the pink blast filled and coated everything, they would jump from different periods of time in Earth’s past and future. Every few seconds they would blast to a new point in time.

When the microwave timer goes off, they are returned to the present.

Someone asked “What’s the dynamite for?”  Waldo murmured, “To keep it from falling into the hands of PUTIN. If he gets near, we just light it off”.

The freedom of information request has arrived and the information it contained was astounding. There it was! black and white proof! Time-Travel had succeeded!

Yet there was undeniable evidence. Plus, a detailed chronology of all the steps and affects of each stage.

“That’s crazy” said most of the scientist who had reviewed the documentation.

President Biden stated, “Seventeen Nobel laureates  in quantum physics sent me a letter saying “It’s science.”