Welcome to Classic Chicken Theater Playhouse. This organization was founded by honored and awarded namesake, Chainsaw Chicken, to help others learn and shape their craft of classical acting.

Chainsaw’s primary belief is that the actors need to take generally known plays and add challenges to the overall theme. All plays are done with the players being chickens in their everyday roll represented by the slice of life the play demonstrates. No sets and no props. And their chicken costumes are made by each of the actors to add creativity to their repertoire.

The photo is a scene from “Antony and Cleopatra”, a tragedy by William Shakespeare. where Mark Antony and Sextus Pompey confront Octavius Caesar convincing him to approach Cleopatra. A pivotal moment filled with drama and suspense.

The group just completed a week long performance of Samuel Beckett‘s “Waiting for Godot”.

Next month the troop will present “Death of a Salesman”, a classic play written by Arthur Miller. All in chicken costumes.