The Mrs. put me on bread & water again. I know, I know… She probably feels she was entitled to do it. And I may have actually earned it but who’s to say? I might submit that it is a matter of point of view.

Here are MY facts. All I did was go next door to borrow a cup of sugar to bake some cookies for my lovely wife. Simple… Innocent… actually very endearing.

But Mrs. Chicken informed me that she chose to follow HER facts.

She went on to list how she viewed the incident.

  1. The neighbor is 22 years old and lives alone.
  2. She is an exotic dancer at the local gentleman’s club.
  3. She is a nudist while at home.
  4. She does not have food items at home, she does not cook.
  5. You were there for 5 hours!

You can judge for yourself but I think my willingness to do something in the form of a treat for the Mrs. would greatly mitigate any judgement.

I will have to wait for a few weeks to answer your replies as I will be detained in the basement.