With the death of Manfred von Richthofen, known to the world as “The Red Baron”, Germany needed another hero.  The shame of the ‘Red Baron’ being downed by some comic strip dog named ‘Snoopy’ flying his doghouse killing our best pilot and the world universally accepting this obvious propaganda plot required a desperate response.

In the opinion of the Kaiser,  Hermann Göring and Max Immelmann did not have the ‘pizzazz’ of Manfred.

Enter Rudgar C. Hähnchen. He stepped in with an honorary title of Baron von Chickthofen.

He was outfitted with the latest Fokker plane available and took off from his aerodrome.

Laughing loudly, while weaving and firing at all the enemy squadrons, he tried to be so flamboyant in order to live up to the hype the Kaiser expected from him.

Barrel rolling around two Spads, copying a Immelman loop maneuver to evade a Sopwith Camel, he raised his fist and shook it at the enemy. But suddenly, he spun into a zeppelin and the hydrogen ignited in a ball of blue flames.

Germany surrendered the following week.



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