Today we celebrate Mom’s everywhere. We collectively all celebrate the concept of ‘mothers’ and how we appreciate all their care, attention and loving in our lives.

My mother is no exception. Sure, there are some mothers that may have been more care-givers, maybe more understanding, but none that were more affected by the results of their emotions.

Dear sweet mother. She just had trouble with acceptance. She would constantly roam the house day and night mumbling the Serenity Prayer’. She seems to emphasis the part about knowing what she can change and accepting things she had no control over. She usually stopped in the middle of her chant, turn to me and asked, “Why in the hell do you keep dressing like a chicken?”

I would try to comfort her saying things like “Dear mother, please calm yourself. You remember I have always been this way. I was born this way, Please accept this”.

She would walk off, pulling her hair, slapping her own face, dried tears become wet again…

I stuck by her through all her electroconvulsive therapy (ECT treatments), her psycho-therapy sessions, her abuse of alcohol and street drugs. After each treatment, session or binge there was always something consistent. She would stare at me when it was over and ask “WHY! Why do you still want to be a chicken?”

The doctors seemed to think it was a center piece of her treatment but I found a doctor that disagreed and stayed with him. Doctor DeBakie Chicken seen here.


Free Clinic Dr. Returns