And then I got another message from my doctor. This time it was something called cisgender.

Oh no. Not CISGENDER! Anything but THAT!

But what is it?

I quickly ordered the latest edition on woke-ism from Amazon, and with my Prime account I got it within 2 weeks.

I immediately opened up to the “S” section, but nothing was there. I picked up the phone and called my doctors office. After waiting for the long and mostly useless covid message about how they don’t do immunizations, then, “press 2 for Spanish, press 3 for Eastern European languages, press 4 for Icelandic, yada, yada, yada. Finally…Then press Zero for the list of doctors.

I finally got his receptionist who didn’t have the foggiest idea what it meant. I hung up.

Then I realized that it started with a “C”, only to find it meant… “A cisgender person is a person whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth. For example, someone who identifies as a woman and was identified as female at birth is a cisgender woman.”

I breathed a sign of relief and went shopping at Walmart.