Many of you saw the nation-wide coverage of Ol’ Zuck balancing on his multi thousand dollar electric foil surf board waiving Old Glory. Supposedly happening on the 4th of July, in a publicity stunt meant to re-affirm his patriotic intent for his company and all it stands for to the U.S of A.

Not shown was the cruise ship paralleling Ol’ Zuck with their quarter of a million dollar 35 foot powerboat equipped with special state-of-the-art lighting, multiple High Definition,  high-speed cameras along with projection sound equipment, all of which came from China.

So, Chainsaw said “That’s nothin’, I can do that, even more”.

On July 5th, Chainsaw went out to Lake Shasta in California, to recreate Ol’ Zuck’s stunt.

Only this time, Mrs. Chicken used her android phone to take the shots from their 12 foot aluminum boat with a 4 horse gas engine. All the while Chainsaw waived the flag of Chainsaw Chicken International, Ltd, while not surfing on some surf board of the privileged but instead on a trash can lid.

He continually was shouting, “So what, Zuck”!






It’s A Girl! Congrats!