Doesn’t everyone have their own rocket ship, like Richard Branson, Jeff Bazos and myself? If you find that you don’t have your own rocket and you have a overwhelming desire to go to space, you don’t have to pay half a million for a seat. Not near that amount. Only $999.95 or $19 dollars a pound. Which ever is greater. Twice the amount if you wish to make it a round trip.

What makes us better? We have pizza by the slice and everyone get a bag of Tang. You won’t get only 5 or 6 mins of free floating, gravity absent cabin pressure. You get hours with us and we go much higher than a measly 50 miles.

In fact, our test flight with a monkey and dog aboard has yet to stop as it hearls into space at speeds approaching 100 miles and hour! Faster than a ’68 Volkswagen or Covair.

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