Treasure FoundWhat a good find!  I have been looking for this 45 since 1963. It’s called “Chicken Feed” performed by ‘Bent Fabric and his piano’.

Now you say, “who’s that???”  Some will remember his hit “Alley Cat“, a tune that may be more familiar by hearing than knowing the title.

‘Chicken Feed’ is a record I heard played by my “Grandmother Bubbles’ over and over. She played it so much that she wore out the needle on her record player. It was so tough to find a replacement for an old Victrola.

After Grandmother Bubbles was put in her new home called ‘Senior Warehouse”, they took her Victrola away and will only let her use ‘personal devices’.

I would go visit her and I would sing the melody to her. Once the medications got so strong, she had trouble even recognizing me but she still always seemed to enjoy the tune.

Once you hear the song below, take a moment and follow this link to my Grandma’s thought about her high school years.


G’ma’s Photo Album