Lower your expectationsAt yesterday’s White House Press Conference, Chainsaw waited and waited to be called on.

After all the usual media sources got their slow pitch of softball questions, finally some reporter got to ask a question about the shortages happening around the country. He mentioned refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, treadmills and so on.

Ms. Psaki gave her flippant answer about the mystery of the missing treadmills. We’ve all seen it on TV. But what you didn’t see was the followup question from Chainsaw when he was finally allowed to speak.

“With Thanksgiving approaching and in light of the shortages everywhere, what about Turkeys for the holidays? If we don’t have the adequate supplies of those frozen carcasses of the most idiotic bird known to modern man, people will generally resort to cooking chickens. I can’t abide with that notion and neither can our readers!”

Psaki momentarily stared at Chainsaw and then said “Who are you and who are you with?”

Chainsaw stood tall and said strongly, “I’m Chainsaw Chicken and I am with Chainsaw Chicken International, Ltd. we have many dozen readers!”

Psaki simply folded up her notebook, started to leave the microphone. then turned back and muttered…”You need to lower your expectations”.



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