woke detox center Many have talked about some kind of treatment for woke-ism. There have been jokes and comments of it being needed. Even James Carville stated after the Virginia governor’s race that the democrats needed a ‘woke detox center‘ in order to get things back on track to try to win at the upcoming midterms.

Never being one to pass up an opportunity, Chainsaw Chicken International, Ltd has hired their old favorite controversial doctor to run the clinic. Doctor DeBakie Chicken has profected a treatment to reverse the subconscious addiction to leaning left.

“The process is under review by the CDC . We don’t believe they will approve it. But since none of the chemicals or techniques used fall under medical review, the participants can continue without fear of interruption or even prosecution” stated the controversial doctor. “We use the same process doctors used in the early 1920’s to treat paranoid schizophrenia. While this treatment was not successful for this affliction, the overall outcome showed the kind of results these poor woke individuals are needing.”

Dr. Debakie moved beside a treatment bed and continued. “We wrap the patient in a wet wool blanket soaked in our special combination of products. They are then allowed to lay on these comfort tables. We wrapped them as tight as possible and they stay there until the blanket has dried from evaporation. Oh, and the room is kept a a comfortable 54 degrees, as well.”

The pamphlet for Woke Detox Center states that they have a 65% success rate and a very low 55% recidivism rate.

“We plan to send the successful cases to blue states. This is to counter the early morning flights of immigrants into red states.”




Free Clinic Dr. Returns