The transcendental chicken♫ Hare Krishna
♫ Hare Krishna
♫ Krishna, Krishna
♫ Hare Hare…

‘Ching’ sounded the finger cymbals at the end of the chant. Mahavishnu Chicken closed his eyes, breathed in the incense smoke of sandalwood and chanted  “Gunga galunga… Gunga, gunga-galunga”.

‘Ching-Ching” again chimed the cymbals.

Mahavishnu Chicken continued to chant with expectations of connecting to his higher power chicken, महान चिकन (actual translation to English – the Great Chicken).

He has been repeating this process daily, always with the same results… nothing.

But today, Mahavishnu Chicken suddenly and actually unexpectedly made spiritual contact. He was startled but kept is eyes shut tight. He used his spiritual ‘third eye’ to witness the event.

“Oh Great Chicken’, he muttered, “Tell me your plans for my destiny. How may I serve you?”

The Great Chicken simply starred at him, floating in the the spaces in the clouds.

“Great one, can you hear me?” … Again there was no answer.

Suddenly, The Great Chicken began to fade away. “Oh please don’t leave me, Great One. Stay and guide me! I beg you.”The Great Chicken began to pull a blanket up to Mahavishnu’s shoulders and tuck him in.

Coughing softly, The Great Chicken spoke. If you want me to stay, you need to take another Cold capsule and wash it down with the rest of that bottle of Vicks NyQuil.

Now, keep your head down on the pillow for mommy. My your fever is up and you really are sweating.”




Scarce As Hen’s Teeth