New lobby signFollowing the lead of oh so many corporations and major businesses, Chainsaw Chicken International, Ltd has taken to updating and posting a new ‘credo’ that is a statement as to the beliefs held by the corporation.

We place a very large framed poster welcoming all those that venture into the lobby of our web site. It clearly states what we believe and practice.

We welcome all to Chainsaw Chicken with this lobby sign.

This welcome is for;

All Races* – Whether you are yellow, red, brown, black and blue or polka dot, you are welcome to read our posts as well as subscribe.

All Religions* – We invite all, regardless of their beliefs from Buddhist to Calvinists, Jones Towners to Moonies. All are welcome to read.

All Countries* – It does not matter if you visit from Outer Mongolia or inner L.A. You are welcome to view and enjoy Chainsaw

All Sexual Orientations*– While Some feel it is important to wear their sexuality like a neon lettered shirt in a room lit by a black light, we do not judge you.

You can be heterosexual, homosexual, autosexual, bisexual, a-sexual, necrophile or animal husbandist. We let you read what we have to say, regardless if you are a reader or the subject of our ridicule.

All Genders*– We are not sure what the count is for all the recognized genders. It’s morethan 250 I believe. But what ever the number is, you are welcome.

All Lessor Abilities*– It’s like this, Chainsaw Chicken is a solid 9, everyone is a number somewhat lower on the scale but you are still wanted.

*Does not apply to turkeys. In no size, shape, interpolation or form.




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