The day finally arrived. Where you in attendance?

It was the blessed wedding of Scooter and Skippy. They are cousins of mine from opposite sides of the family. They met at a family birthday for Grandma ‘Bubbles’ Chicken and were instantly attracted to each other. So much so that twice they were told to “knock it off” or they would have to leave.

After the release of Apple’s new emoji’s of pregnant men has again turned the issue of basic science and reproduction in nature on its proverbial head. Leading some to speculate  that this might be a shotgun wedding. However, the two of them informed us that they were unconsummated in their love but plan to change that as soon as possible.

When asked which of the two might be selected to carry the new bundle of joy once conceived? Scooter turned to Skippy and stated, “We may be having some issue about this in our relationship. It started when we selected what to wear for this blessed event. We went out separately and made our choice then came together to surprise the other with the selection. To my dismay, Skippy had selected a tux like mine. I couldn’t get the bitch to wear a dress no matter how hard I tried”.

I guess that means that their life together will not be as ‘straight’ forward as some might expect but we are sure they can figure things out.



“Naw, They are just right!”