Have you been watching the Genocide Olympic Games from Beijing?

Have you noticed how smooth and flawless the ice is? After all those skaters from hockey or ice dancing cutting grooves it can be pretty tricky for the competitors.

They don’t show it much on the coverage but you should know that it’s Chainsaw Chicken (链锯鸡 in Chinese) who donated and is operating the Zamboni on the ice to make things great.

It was pretty rough getting the Zamboni through customs. They were afraid it was hiding all kinds of free speech, American made firearms or Trump paraphernalia. After a complete tear-down and reassembly, the donated ‘Ice Scraper’ ( 磨冰机) as they call it, was allowed in.

Chainsaw even donated his time to operate the device in order to provide quality ‘Ice Scraping’ His plans are to use the scraped ice after each use and introduce ‘Hawaiian Ice’ to the people of China.

“Just a squirt of grape or orange flavor and they get a taste of what people clamor for at our county fairs across the USA” said Chainsaw.