Some of you may have seen the short video of a television station employee stepping out behind the Russian TV announcer to tell watchers that they need to know the truth about the war with Ukraine.

It made the news everywhere. Those 20 seconds startled the world.

But if you had let the program continue, you would have seen another station worker trying to send a message at great personal risk.

There on the screen, was Ivan Cockadoosky prancing around behind the same announcer with a sign stating…

“Курица бензопила – это пропаганда! (translates to ‘Chainsaw Chicken is propaganda!)”

We at Chainsaw Chicken International, Ltd. have to admit that we have no idea why this lost and confussed sole imagines that we have any propaganda on our web site.

You can take look at any of our postings and know that every word was checked and double-checked with fact checkers from all social media sources.

It’s part of our guarantee.

Incidentally, Ivan Cockadoosky was not stopped, apprehended, detained, questioned or fired.