I got….The Call…

There I was, simply making a box of macaroni and cheese for lunch. Suddenly the phone rang.

I put down my wooden spoon and turned down the heat to bring my noodles to simmer for the perfect Al Dente . I reached over the counter and picked up the receiver.

“Hello?…” I stated.

There was a long pause and I could hear the caller fumbling with the phone.

“Is this… ahhhh… Is this…. ahhh, Mr. Chicken?” a familiar voice asked.

“Maybe…. Who’s asking?” I replied.

“Mr. Chicken…. ahhh… I am a fan of your website. I mean it man… I really do”, he continued. ” I have a few thoughts you can use on your site… from the Oval Office. No, I’m serious, not a joke, I’m not kidding, it’s a fact. You think I’m joking? Look… C’mon man! Get the facts, Jack!”

I knew for sure who it was now.

He went on, “…it’s like this. Is your refrigerator running? No,no, no… I meant to ask, Do you have Sir Walter Raleigh in the can?… ahhhh…Oh… ahhh…”

“Mr. President, ” I answered, ‘Those are telephone pranks kids did over 50 yrs ago. That type of humor is not the same thing used on Chainsaw Chicken”.

The president quickly came back with, “I know, I know…  Why did the President cross the road? Did I say President? No, no, no…I meant chicken. Why did the road cross the Chicken… Yeah, that it!”

I just hung up the phone and went back to finish my mac and cheese.



Not me…really!